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Mrs India is organized by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a company which is renowned for hosting popular beauty pageants and turning them out to be a grand success. Glamanand proudly owns many of the biggest international franchise of beauty pageants which covers various renowned international events. We aim at giving an opportunity at our participants to an extent where the girls will be able to represent India at various beauty pageants which are held globally. We provide the winner of Mrs India to compete at the global platform. Mrs India is one event which will witness the production and stage standards like top pageants held in the country and across the Globe

Our Pageants

Glamanand Entertainment inherits a vast range of franchise with a goal of providing the participating girls with a bright and successful career. We do not only groom them in a way to be a fashionista, but also make sure that they become a powerful figure who can influence the society for betterment. We organize National as well as International events which enables the participants to follow the path leading to their dreams.

Here is the list of International pageants we own:

  • Miss Multinational
  • Miss Teen International
  • Miss Teen Earth
  • Miss Teen Multinational
  • Mr Universe
  • Mr Multinational
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
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Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
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Why Participate in Mrs India
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Get Trained by the Best
Mrs India pageant owned by Glamanand Group has the best trainers in the world who train the national finalists. Get a chance to learn from the best people in the pageant Industry.


Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Exposure by Glamanand Group
Glamanand group gives you the opportunity to be a part of a few of the biggest events in India. You do not need to keep hunting for the opportunities to be seen and recognized.


Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
The Biggest Pageant Production
Glamanand group has high standards for the production of beauty pageants. Mrs India gives you a grand platform with a stunning stage to perform on. Mrs India should look grand.


Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Opportunity to represent India
How amazing is it to represent India internationally after a grand national pageant? Glamanand Group gives you the opportunity to represent India Internationally.


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Opportunity for Sponsors
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd is proud to announce MRS INDIA Premier Beauty Pageant
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Our National Beauty Pageants
Below are the top national beauty pageants owned by Glamanand Group for different categories
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Glamanand Supermodel India
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Miss Teen Diva
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Mr Universe India
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Mr Teen India
Our Performance Videos
To watch the videos relates to Mrs India, and the other beauty pageants owned by Glamanand Group like Glamanand Supermodel India, Miss Teen Diva, Mister Universe India etc, please just our official YouTube channel. In the meantime, enjoy the official teaser of Mrs India 2022.

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